Employability Bridgend NET

Monday 18 May 2020


Employability Bridgend are still supporting people and effectively delivering an employability and training service during uncertain times.

Since the lockdown period began, Employability Bridgend have continued to effectively deliver an employability and training service to a wide range of participants living in the county borough.

All team members across five different projects have adapted well to homeworking and have continued to work hard in supporting people seeking employment during this uncertain time.

Over the past six weeks, 31 participants have successfully found employment within a wide range of sectors including care, retail and hospitality and manufacturing and construction.

Taking into consideration that all staff have been working from home since March, this is a fantastic achievement, demonstrating that Employability Bridgend remain in a position to positively support their participants during such a difficult period.

As well as supporting people with employment, the new NET project supports people who are already employed to gain more hours, increase their salary and improve their overall employment situation. An excellent example of the project in acion is the support that Chris Sparrow, one of the NET mentors, provided to Dafydd Rees to help improve his work life balance and future prospects in employment.

Dafydd said: “Fed up with my lack of opportunity in the workplace and confusion about which direction to take, I sought help and was introduced to the NET project and my advisor, Chris Sparrow.

“Upon analysing my work history, skills and ambitions, Chris and I were able to dissect my previous CV and identify my strengths to make myself more employable.

“My sessions with Chris taught me how to sell myself to prospective employers and gave me a new found self-confidence, a positive mind set, which inspired me to pursue new avenues.

“As a result, I have gained full-time employment in an industry I love with a better work life balance, a sense of self-worth and general better well-being. Without the guidance from Chris and the NET project I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the chance and better myself.

“Not only has NET helped me find a career path but it has made me realise I have more skills than I knew, which has given me other career options. I’d like to thank Chris and all the team at NET for their hard work and support.”

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