Sustainable Food Challenge now open for applications

Monday 4 September 2023

The Sustainable Food Challenge has now opened for applications.

The challenge involves the search for innovative solutions that can increase the sustainable production of locally grown food in the Cardiff Capital Region. The aim is to find businesses and other organisations with ideas focused on:

  • Approaches to encourage and enhance knowledge within schools of the health benefits of sourcing from local food supply chains
  • Dynamic integrated trading tools that optimise the supply and distribution of local food supplies
  • Maximising renewable energy generation and local utilisation from farm (and growing) assets whilst maintaining agricultural yields
  • Innovative farming

The challenge is being run in two phrases; the first phrase involves a demonstration where up to £80,000 will be available per project to successful organisations to showcase their ideas. The second phase will involve the strongest ideas being scaled up, with an additional £1 million of funding offered per project.

An online briefing event will be taking place on Thursday 21 September, with applications closing on Monday 9 October.

Find out more about the challenge.

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